Enterprise Development


Access to affordable and available input financing remains the most urgent need for semi-commercial developing farmers in grain and oilseeds production. This is particularly due to the inaccessibility of suitable and acceptable collateral by the farmers, as well as a lack of a well recorded and sustainable track-record and business plan.

Our strategy is to provide input financing for developing farmers through service providers who support the farmers at an operational level.

Service Providers

The Agricultural Businesses and other service providers, form an integral part of the SACTA financial support to developing farmers. Since SACTA cannot interact with farmers directly, these organisations act as the primary facilitators and coordinators that assist grain producers.

The respective Service Providers main functions include the –

  • identification and initial screening of potential farmers;
  • collection and collation of the required documents from the farmers;
  • identification and management of suitable mentors for the farmers;
  • monitoring of the farmers and the selected mentors;
  • facilitation of input deliveries and payments in terms of the loans;
  • coordination of the SACTA financing scheme for the farmers, and
  • compilation and submission of progress reports.

Should an organisation wish to enrol as a prospective Service Provider, for SACTA, please complete the application form and send it to:

Sandile Mahlangu       (Transformation Manager);
Andrew Bennett          (SACTA CEO); or
Beatrix de Witt            (SACTA Administrator).